Big pharma on big data collaboration

By Dillan Yogendra The overwhelmingly positive vote (547 to 17) is also aimed at clinical trial data transparency but only targets new trials commencing after the law takes effect. Assuming it is enacted, the benefits of a legislative model will be: read more …read more

Wearables, Drones Scare Americans

By Thomas Claburn Google has some public relations to do. People remain wary of tech breakthroughs including care-giving robots and drones, Pew research finds. …read more

Anoto Live Forms is now HIPAA Compliant

By Steve Campbell Anoto has announced the achievement of compliancy for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Anoto is now qualified to offer Anoto Live forms as a hosted or locally installed solution to the US healthcare market. What does HIPAA compliance mean? It simply means that they have …read more

Nuance Adds Radiology Image Sharing To Healthcare Cloud

By David F Carr Medical image-sharing service aims to tap Nuance’s customer base for voice-powered medical documentation technology. …read more

Nuance Communications acquires Accelarad; Launches Nuance PowerShare Network

By Steve Campbell Nuance Communications has announced today the immediate availability of Nuance PowerShare™ Network, the industry’s largest cloud-based network for securely connecting physicians, patients, and others to share medical images and reports as simply as people exchange information using social networks. “This nationwide network, one that is fully integrated into the EHR …read more

Can Crowdsourcing Beat Dr. House?

By Alison Diana Startup CrowdMed uses a mix of prediction market software, crowdsourcing, and gamification to help patients gain insight from hundreds of medical detectives. …read more

Telehealth Gains Momentum In Obamacare Era

By Alison Diana The Affordable Care Act’s focus on population health and cost-cutting is encouraging providers and insurers to invest in remote healthcare technologies. …read more

Analytics Enhance Community Health Reporting

By Alison Diana Partnership between Premier and University of North Carolina Charlotte improves nonprofit hospitals community health needs assessment process. …read more

Zebra Buys Motorola’s Enterprise Business, Eyes Healthcare IoT

By Alison Diana Acquisition underscores Zebra’s expectation of strong demand for Internet of Things technologies from healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and other industries. …read more

Smart data key to patient engagement

By Mike Miliard We hear a lot about patient engagement these days. Certainly, the idea is a noble one. And the benefits it could bring when practiced on a wide scale are immense. But a lot of providers are still wondering: How do you do it? [See also: Patient engagement …read more