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  • Healthcare Security: CSOs Needed

    By Alison Diana Too many healthcare environments cling to insecure legacy systems and lax accessibility standards. It’s time to enact strong security leadership. …read more

  • Rise Of The Robots: Up From The Factory Floor

    By Thomas Claburn Join San Diego State University professor Robert Judge and InformationWeek editor-at-large Thomas Claburn for a live discussion of the increasing interest in robots and automation. …read more

  • Hilton Turns Smartphones Into Room Keys

    By Thomas Claburn Hilton hotel chain plans to let smartphones unlock guest rooms starting next year. …read more

  • Insecure Communications Costly For Hospitals

    By Alison Diana Even one insecure text message can be expensive, as one North Carolina facility discovered. It’s time for healthcare organizations to implement efficient, secure communication systems. …read more

  • When Patients Fear EHR

    By Mansur Hasib When patients believe paper medical records are safer and more private than electronic ones, their health can suffer. …read more

  • Best Hospital IT Departments finalists

    By Mike Moran Eighty-five IT teams are in the running to be named a top hospital in the Healthcare IT News 2014 “Where to Work: BEST Hospital IT Departments” program. More than 5,000 IT staff from 194 nominated hospitals completed the 79-question online survey. To qualify to be considered a top hospital, at least …read […]

  • Wearable Tech: 5 Healthcare Wins

    By Rodney Brown While most businesses still view wearable computers as little more than toys, healthcare has embraced them. Check out these interesting examples. …read more

  • Senate Committee Seeks EHR Interoperability Investigation

    By Alison Diana Bipartisan Senate Appropriations Committee wants an investigation into poor interoperability, possible “information blocking” in electronic health records. …read more

  • Google Moonshot Project: Healthy Bodies

    By Thomas Claburn Google’s Baseline Study aims to model the chemistry of a healthy human body — and unlock new clues to curing disease. …read more

  • Fit Fido: 10 Apps To Keep Pets Healthy

    By Alison Diana Pet owners can now choose from an array of apps and gadgets including doggy Fitbits, meal-tracking and training apps, and scheduling tools to care for critters. …read more