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  • KLAS Report: One out of four ambulatory EMRs are in danger of being replaced

    By News More than 25 percent of both large and small ambulatory practices report that they are considering replacing their EMR, according to the latest KLAS report on ambulatory EMR perception. The study further finds that another 12 percent would like to replace their system but cannot do so for financial or …read more

  • NexGenic Launches ImageInbox App for Seamless, HIPAA-Compliant Delivery of Medical Imaging Between Patients and Healthcare Providers

    By News NexGenic has announced the launch of a proprietary technology called ImageInbox┬«, an app which makes it possible for patients to control and store essential medical images and diagnostic reports, and securely deliver them on demand to healthcare providers as easily as sending an email. ImageInbox allows patients to electronically …read more

  • Mobile Health Apps Have Role In Ebola Crisis

    By Neil Polwart Mobile health apps could play a bigger role than they have to date in speeding the response to a global health crisis. …read more

  • When Big Data & Infants’ Privacy Collide

    By Alison Diana Technology allows researchers to discover newborns’ genetic secrets, but the long-term repercussions worry some parents and privacy advocates. …read more

  • Analytics For All, No Data Scientists Needed

    By Michael Healey While there’s a role for Ph.D.-level experts, the real power is in making advanced analysis work for mainstream — often Excel-wielding — business users. Here’s how. …read more

  • Android Flaw Might Also Affect iOS, Windows

    By Thomas Claburn Sandboxing flaw let researchers hijack Gmail 92% of the time, and could also affect iOS and Windows. …read more

  • Todd Park To Exit Federal CTO Role, Says Fortune

    By David F Carr Fortune Magazine is reporting White House CTO will leave that post but may help with Silicon Valley recruiting. …read more

  • ICD-10 Delay: An Opportunity To Change Course

    By Dick Taylor Instead of just delaying the new medical coding system, we should be rethinking the necessity of it. …read more

  • Epic defends interoperability bona fides

    By Mike Miliard In testimony before ONC’s Health IT Policy Committee on Aug. 15, Epic President Carl Dvorak made his case that the EHR giant is far more engaged with data sharing than some critics would contend. read more …read more

  • Physicians Embracing, Exploring New Practice Models

    By News While physicians remain happy about their choice of a medical career, that doesn’t mean they are content to be controlled by government mandates and declining reimbursements. In its annual Great American Physician Survey, sponsored by Kareo, Physicians Practice polled physicians nationwide on their medical careers, their personal lives, and the …read more