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  • Hiring For The New World Of Healthcare IT

    By Meg Grimes The politics of healthcare IT are not getting any easier. What are the top three attributes your IT team members will need? …read more

  • Healthcare Collaboration Across 3 Generations

    By Susan M. Reese Patients may see 50 different hospital employees during treatment. Don’t let different collaboration styles among your multigenerational staff hinder patient care. …read more

  • Where The IT Jobs Aren’t: Tech

    By Kristin Burnham IT jobs in the tech sector will stall while non-tech industries will drive IT job growth, impacting job geography and skills, says new report. …read more

  • Apple OS X Yosemite Beta Debuts

    By Thomas Claburn Apple’s obsession with secrecy gives way to involving customers in the software development process. …read more

  • Apple Documents Undisclosed iOS Services

    By Thomas Claburn Apple describes services as “diagnostic,” but does not address criticism that backdoors undermine security and privacy. …read more

  • Dell Delivers Five Best Practices for Maximizing Mobility while Maintaining Compliance with Data Security and Privacy Regulations

    By Steve Campbell Dell recommends that companies carefully align their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program with data security and privacy regulations to avoid any pitfalls concerning compliance. While BYOD initiatives can be great for employees, they often pose a potential nightmare for employers as failure to comply with regulations can result in companies suffering financial …read more

  • AHIMA Partners with Information Governance Initiative

    By News The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is pleased to announce its partnership with the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) to raise awareness of need for information governance (IG) in the healthcare community. AHIMA is the first healthcare organization to partner with the IGI – a cross-disciplinary consortium and think tank …read more

  • Wearables In Healthcare: Privacy Rules Needed

    By Alison Diana Johns Hopkins patient privacy violation didn’t involve Google Glass or wearables but indicates why the healthcare industry must head off trouble with wearables in clinical settings. …read more

  • Apple Profit Healthy: All Eyes On Fall

    By Thomas Claburn Sales of iPads proved disappointing, but Apple posted strong iPhone, Mac, and iTunes numbers. The big test comes next quarter. …read more

  • Apple ‘iTime’ Patent Describes Modular Wearable

    By Thomas Claburn “Electronic wristband” might work with swappable modules as Apple appears to be thinking beyond the smartwatch for its first wearable. …read more